Mentorcruise Mentor 2024

"A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you." (Bob Proctor).


I look forward to meeting you!

ADP List Mentor 2022 - 2023

I was a mentor on ADP List.

UXPA International Mentor 2020 - 2021

In June 2020, I started being a UXPA International mentor. I supported these mentees for more than one year. I helped my mentees with their CVs, applications, job interviews, and how to get into the UX field. We shared experiences, and I supported them by focusing on their strengths and identifying opportunities. All my mentees improved their career and have better jobs now.

The UXPA International mentorship program promotes learning partnerships among professionals in the UX field as well as those getting started in the field.

Mentoring Feedback

This is the feedback I have received over the last few years:


"Sabrina was my mentor on ADPList and we went through the portfolio presentation when searching for my first UXR job after obtaining my PhD. With her abundant industry experience Sabrina provided me a lot of insights in improving the presentation and highlighting the impacts of the portfolio based on my PhD academic research. I have also been seeking her advice from time to time and she always responds with professionality and kindness. I really appreciate her mentorship along my job hunting."
Jianjian, 14 July 2023

"Sabrina is easy to talk to. She is experienced and happy to share her incredible knowledge. I appreciated her honesty in giving advice. Highly recommended."
Mattia, 31 May 2023

"Sabrina is super nice. I am seeking portfolio guidance and she helped to walk through the whole portfolio and shared a lot of her insights and experience on the improvement. Was a very helpful session."
Jianjian, 2 Jan. 2023


"Sabrina was wonderful! She really shows her passion for UX and gives insightful information; to better prepare for the job market and what hiring managers look for in applicants. I'm looking forward to booking another session and keeping updated with her and the knowledge I acquired during my journey in UX and grad school."
Celeste, 1 Dec. 2022

"Sabrina is absolutely amazing! She's got a wealth of knowledge and is thoughtful, helpful and kind. She really takes care in answering all my questions and leaves me in a better place in terms of practical knowledge and confidence."
Maria, 27 Oct. 2022

"Sabrina leads with incredible skill, openness, generosity and flexibility. She is brilliant and is able to meet people where they are truly at, and goes above and beyond to bring optimism and support to her mentees. What a total delight to meet her and learn from her. Thank you Sabrina!"
Pragya, 3 May 2022

"I met Sabrina almost 2 years ago via the UXPA mentorship program. Though we were originally matched to work together for a few months, she has generously continued to meet with me to share her insights and experiences as an accomplished researcher. Her kindness extends beyond her one-on-one relationships to spreading knowledge with the larger UX community. Sabrina has been an amazing mentor and has now become a good friend. Her encouragement, advice and support have been invaluable and anyone would be lucky to learn from her."
Abena, 13 Feb. 2022


"Sabrina has been serving as my mentor for well over a year now, and it's been a wonderful experience. She has a wealth of experience she's willing to share, and understands the job market and what employers are looking for in candidates. She helped me identify areas to focus on to advance my career, and helped out considerably once I started interviewing. I can't recommend Sabrina enough!"
Russ, 21 Dec. 2021

"Sabrina's advice to me on a 1:1 call was fantastic, which was generously offered following a UXPA talk. Her seemingly limitless enthusiasm and passion for research and user experience are inspiring. I can see that Sabrina's a great mentor. The practical advice has really already helped me, I am very grateful."
Rachel, 20 Sept. 2021

"It was amazing to have this coaching session with Sabrina, who is an exceptional User Experience researcher. Her knowledge is vast and extensive. Sabrina inspires and motivates her mentees, while she assumes a full-time leadership role in VERJ. I’ll most certainly think of Sabrina as a professional I can always rely upon to get some great advice."
Cecile, 12 Feb. 2021

Emotions of Online Shopping

A Usability Study of Online Stores Using EEG Measurements.

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Searching & Finding - A Lifelong Quest

How do users search? This question is quite crucial for the user experience.

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Personas - Who Owns them?

Why do we need personas? Who is using them? How do we create them?

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