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UX & Product Meetup: Design Sprints, 18 Oct. 2023

UX & Product Meetup: Design Sprints

Sarah Reeves and Sabrina Duda are hosting the second UX & Product Meetup in The Stepstone Group London office, Blue Fin building, opposite Tate Modern in Southwark. This time we are partnering with the Design Sprint Academy: John Vetan & Dana Vetan will moderate a Design Sprint workshop for you. This will be followed by a panel discussion with our Stepstone Design Sprinters where we discuss our experiences at Stepstone.

Research Challenge Workshop

The Research Challenge Workshop, 28 Oct. 2023

More information and sign up for this remote workshop moderated by Jen Romano, Rebecca Destello, Sabrina Duda here.

Participant of last workshop on 5 April:"Interacting with you during the Research Challenge workshop on April 5 was a delight. I had fun participating and observing how others in the group brainstormed ideas."

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UX360 Research Summit, 30-31 Jan. 2024

Sabrina Duda will be speaking at the UX360 Research Summit.

UX research is becoming increasingly important as many industries grapple with saturated markets and user churn. Implementing successful UX strategies have proven to deliver ROI for businesses. UX360 will showcase the latest UX and design research - from planning and conducting, to analysis and the implementation of UX insights.