Sabrina Duda

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AI Product Meetup Its A Match

AI Product Meetup, 8 Feb. 2024

We hosted our first AI Product Meetup by The Stepstone Group: It's a match! AI & Matching with LLMs. Our speakers: J. Rogel (Chief Innovation Officer at The Ortus Group), Ritwik Niyogi (Data Science Team Lead, The Stepstone Group), Arne Freerk Meyer (Staff Data Scientist, The Stepstone Group).

Feedback: "Insightful sessions & Stepstone is really innovating the job market to find the right job for everyone. Kudos to Gabriel Grigorescu & Sabrina Duda and team for arranging these inspiring talks."

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UX360 Research Summit, 30-31 Jan. 2024

Implementing successful UX strategies has proven to deliver ROI for businesses. UX360 showcases the latest UX and design research - take a look at the speakers and the agenda.

I was a panelist: 'How do we collaborate with stakeholders, and influence the decision making process' and a speaker: 'Jobs-to-be-done: The recipe for a user-driven organisation'. More info about my sessions.

Feedback: "Great talk! You really helped me understand how JTBD is practically applied." "I've never heard of JTBD before, but I love it! This is an amazing presentation!" "Great storytelling, Sabrina."