Sabrina Duda

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UX360 Research Summit, 30-31 Jan. 2024

Sabrina Duda will be speaking at the UX360 Research Summit.

UX research is becoming increasingly important as many industries grapple with saturated markets and user churn. Implementing successful UX strategies have proven to deliver ROI for businesses. UX360 will showcase the latest UX and design research - from planning and conducting, to analysis and the implementation of UX insights.


BAD Conference, 13 Nov. 2023

At the BAD (Behaviour & Design) Conference, Tech Circus brings together experts from psychology, anthropology, philosophy and more to examine the behaviour science skills that underpin UX design.

My talk: Jobs-to-be-done: A framework for product discovery influenced by behavioural design.

"You were the ultimate in BAD with your talk on jobs-to-be-done. I'm not a researcher. I'm a content designer. But I found your speech deeply fascinating. Thank you for being so inspiring."

"Very insightful deep dive into the importance of JTBD to understand the user and their needs from a much higher level, closer to an emotion, to then get to a solution."

Read more about the talks in this blog by Sam Osys.


Jobs-to-be-done webinar, 8 Nov. 2023

Yann Wermuth from Vendbridge and Lawrence Hardy, Nik Evans, Tina Akinmade and Sabrina Duda from Stepstone talked about their joint journey how they established JTBD at Stepstone:

How to make jobs-to-be-done the coffee table talk in your company?​

Here are the recording and slides​ of the event.

Jim Kalbach: "Fantastic story. Thanks for sharing! Amazing work, Stepstone!" Other participants: "Thank you for the inspiring presentation. Loved the format." "Thanks so much for a great session."

Research Challenge Workshop

The Research Challenge Workshop, 6 Nov. 2023

Participant from this workshop:"Hi Sabrina, thanks for the great workshop today. I was able to take a lot with me, especially when it comes to the strategic view of research projects."

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