Events 2023-2018

Iron Hack

International Women's Day, 8 March 2023

The International Women's Day 2023: I was asked to contribute to 'twelve of London’s biggest female voices in tech' for Women's Day. Thank you, Gabriel Pizzolante, for inviting me.

UX Oxford

UX Oxford, 9 Feb. 2023

Meetup UX Oxford

In this remote event, Sabrina Duda spoke about the life of a user researcher. Feedback from the organiser: "Thank you SO MUCH, that was excellent! Judging by the levels of engagement I think the audience really enjoyed it."

UXR Vocabulary

UXR Vocabulary, 29 Sept. 2022

The remote Panel UXR Vocabulary was hosted by Research Bookmark.

Over 400 people joined this panel. Sabrina Duda and the other panelists discussed the most used and most mis-used terms in UX research, how to keep up to date with UXR Vocabulary, and when it is most important to align on the meaning of UX terms. Understanding how to communicate is critical in UX research. This allows to share knowledge properly with stakeholders, colleagues and the UX research community.

Feedback from the organiser: "I can't begin to quantify the responses from people as to how insightful the session was. Your years of research, your depth of understanding of UXR, and your ability to present the subject in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable evenings we've ever had."

World Usability Congress

World Usability Congress, Graz, Austria, 11-13 Oct. 2022

World Usability Congress 2022 Agenda

Sabrina Duda gave a talk at the WUC about how to give value as a user researcher: I just have to do good research to show my value – or not? (pdf of slides) Read a summary of my talk in Ulf Schubert's blog article about the WUC (in German).

Jen Romano and Sabrina Duda moderated another Research Challenge Workshop at the WUC. Live, and a full day! The two research challenges - tasks to be solved first as a group, then as an individual - were combined with short presentations about the best research approach and example studies.

Research Challenge Workshop

The Research Challenge Workshop, 17 Aug. 2022

The Research Challenge

The big three did it again! Remote research challenge workshop with Jen Romano, Rebecca Destello, Sabrina Duda on 17 August, 6-9pm UK time (1-4pm EDT time). "I found it a great learning experience, helpful, and very informative!"
Read here all feedback about our workshops.

Interactions Meetup

Interactions (remote), 12 July 2022, 12-1pm

Interactions Meetup

Sabrina Duda was speaking on a panel hosted by Dominic Hurst. Together with Katherine Wastell, Julia Petretta and Llara Geddes she will explore upcoming trends in the world of design from a user research perspective: 'Current & Future Trends: User Research'.

UXPA San Diego

UXPA San Diego, USA, 21-23 June 2022

The Research Challenge

Workshop with Jen Romano, Rebecca Destello, Sabrina Duda on 20 June, 6-9pm. "Excellent method to encourage participation. I was very engaged."

German UPA

German UPA: Panel User Research, 24 March 2022

Panel discussion about user research

With Jennifer Klatt, Lothar B. Blum, Lwam Leber, Sabrina Duda, Stefanie Poetzsch, Svenja Noae (panel is in German language).

Ironhack Career Pathways

Ironhack - Career Paths, 15 Dec. 2021

Career Paths: UX/UI Design with Sabrina Duda, Principal UX Researcher

The presentation 'Career Paths: UX/UI Design' covers the history of UX, different roles within UX, where UX sits within an organisation, UX maturity of organisations, UX job market and salaries.

"Thank you so much for your presentation in the Ironhack online workshop. It was so inspiring. :)" "I wanted to connect to say hi and thank you for a wonderful presentation." "I really enjoyed your talk yesterday evening - it was really insightful!"

Ironhack Career Paths is a series of sessions with real life experts in each tech field who will be sharing their experience, knowledge and professional journey that took them to where they are.

Humanising Experiences

Humanising Experiences, April 2021

Humanising Experiences, a new article describing the "Humanising Experiences Model" by Sabrina Duda.

UX Trend Report 2021

UX Trend Report 2021 is here!

The UX Trend Report 2021 is presented to you by youspi.

The trend report features UX trends, survey results, expert opinions and interviews with Sabrina Duda and Giles Colborne from the UK, Craig Tomlin from the US, Ulf Schubert from Germany, and many more.

The Research Challenge

The Research Challenge Workshop, Sept.-Dec. 2020

Jen Romano, Rebecca Destello and Sabrina Duda created "The Research Challenge", a workshop for junior researchers to work on real-life research challenges.

Based on your feedback, we offer you an improved workshop: number of participants limited to 15, more time to work on the challenges (workshop extended to 3h), more individual moderator feedback. And of course, new research challenges!
Workshop dates: Sept. 9, Oct. 7, Nov. 18, Dec. 16, 2020.

Feedback from participants: "Great vibe!" "I enjoyed the group activity - to see different perspectives on the same issue." "Really powerful learning tool, as there is no one 'right' way to do all this!"

UX Crunch: Behaviour & Design, London, 21 May 2019

The UX Crunch: Behaviour & Design

A London UX meetup focusing on behavioural design. Learn, connect and grow with the UX community, discovering how design can influence human behaviour.

WeWork, 1 Fore Street Avenue, EC2Y 9DT.

Sabrina Duda talks about User Behaviour & Psychology.

Audience feedback: "Talk is wonderful." "Your talk brought lots of insights to me and was very interesting.”

GUI & DESIGN Berlin, 12 & 13 Dec. 2018


This year the conference for designers & developers takes place at H2 Hotel Berlin, Alexanderplatz. Sessions are in German.

Sabrina talks about "The UX Warrior".

UX Crunch London Psychology Design

UX Crunch London, 27 Feb. 2018

The Psychology of Design: How the marriage of Design and Psychology can help us conduct better research, highlighting user behaviours and inevitably delivering products which are tailored to unique user needs.

Location: Rufus Leonard, 57a Farringdon Road, EC1M 3JB

Sabrina Duda talks about: "Emotions, emotional design and how it can help you to be successful in UX."

Audience feedback:"I loved your talk, super insightful." "Emotional manipulation is such a huge part of UX and the examples you used I thought were fascinating!" "Excellent talk about emotions and design." "An awesome talk."