AI Product Meetup: It's a match, 8 Feb. 2024

AI Meetup Its a match Stepstone Panel

We - Sarah Reeves, Claire Shortt, Gabriel Grigorescu and I - hosted our first AI Product Meetup by The Stepstone Group: It's a match! AI & Matching with LLMs. Join our Meetup community for more info! Our fantastic speakers delivered their insightful talks in a fun and engaging way:

J. Rogel (Chief Innovation Officer at The Ortus Group) gave us an overview about the history of LLMs and how they are applied for ambulance and air traffic fleet maintenance. Arne Meyer (Staff Data Scientist, The Stepstone Group) showed us how LLMs help Stepstone to build powerful matching tools, how Stepstone parses CVs, and how Stepstone's own custom parsing LLMs show superior performance. Ritwik Niyogi (Data Science Team Lead, The Stepstone Group) talked about Stepstone's AI-powered Talent Explainer - explaining why candidates are a good fit and what makes them stand out.


"I came for the beer but stayed for the LLMs Great evening at The Stepstone Group, discussing AI, bias and the future of work. Thanks Sabrina Duda, J. Rogel and everyone I met! :)"

"Insightful sessions & Stepstone is really innovating the job market to find the right job for everyone. Kudos to Gabriel Grigorescu & Sabrina Duda and team for arranging these inspiring talks."

AI Meetup Its a match Stepstone Sabrina Duda

UX360 Research Summit, 30-31 Jan. 2024

Implementing successful UX strategies has proven to deliver ROI for businesses. UX360 showcases the latest UX and design research - take a look at the speakers and the agenda.

I was a panelist: 'How do we collaborate with stakeholders, and influence the decision making process' and a speaker: 'Jobs-to-be-done: The recipe for a user-driven organisation'. More info about my sessions.


"Great talk! You really helped me understand how JTBD is practically applied." "I've never heard of JTBD before, but I love it! This is an amazing presentation!"

"Really loved this and can’t wait to review the deck again." "Thanks for a great talk!" "Wonderful presentation, Sabrina!!"

"Deep and personal storytelling. Congrats." "Great storytelling, Sabrina."

"Hi Sabrina – I wanted to thank you for your insights and expertise today. You bring such an evident sense of empathy and enthusiasm to the table for the skillset which I always enjoy seeing!"

UX360 Panel Screenshot

Alignment Webinar, 24 Jan. 2024

'The alignment' is a webinar series about global growth hosted by Global App Testing. You can sign up for future episodes here.

On 24 Jan., we talked about: 'Help! I'm nothing like my users! We discussed challenges to understand users in different markets and the pitfalls of thinking you are your user. You are not. :)

Alignment Webinar

Alignment Webinar Panel Screenshot

View the recording or read the blog article about this webinar.

Product Design Week 2023

I spoke about product discovery and jobs-to-be-done at the BAD Conference (Product Design Week) on 13 November: My talk: Jobs-to-be-done: A framework for product discovery influenced by behavioural design.

Product Design Week Sabrina Duda

"You were the ultimate in BAD with your talk on jobs-to-be-done. I'm not a researcher. I'm a content designer. But I found your speech deeply fascinating. Thank you for being so inspiring."

"Very insightful deep dive into the importance of JTBD to understand the user and their needs from a much higher level, closer to an emotion, to then get to a solution."

Read more about the talks in this blog by Sam Osys.

Speakers at BAD Conference

At The BAD Conference, Tech Circus brings together experts from psychology, anthropology, philosophy and more to examine the behaviour science skills that underpin UX design. Important frameworks and research methods are presented that get you inside the users' heads to identify their needs.

World Usability Congress 2023

My talk: Why we need discovery research and how to do it - a B2B case study

Sabrina Duda speaking at WWorld Usability Congress 2023

Sabrina Duda speaking at WWorld Usability Congress 2023 Sabrina Duda speaking at WWorld Usability Congress 2023

World Usability Congress 2022

Sabrina Duda speaking at WWorld Usability Congress 2022

I gave a talk at the WUC about how to give value as a user researcher: I just have to do good research to show my value – or not? (pdf of slides) Read a summary of my talk in Ulf Schubert's blog article about the WUC (in German).

UXR Vocabulary, 29 Sept. 2022

The remote Panel UXR Vocabulary was hosted by Research Bookmark.

Over 400 people joined this panel. Sabrina Duda and the other panelists discussed the most used and most mis-used terms in UX research, how to keep up to date with UXR Vocabulary, and when it is most important to align on the meaning of UX terms. Understanding how to communicate is critical in UX research. This allows to share knowledge properly with stakeholders, colleagues and the UX research community.


"I can't begin to quantify the responses from people as to how insightful the session was. Your years of research, your depth of understanding of UXR, and your ability to present the subject in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable evenings we've ever had." The organiser

Ironhack Career Paths: UX/UI Design, 15 Dec. 2021

In this Ironhack event Sabrina Duda spoke about UX career paths.

The presentation 'Career Paths: UX/UI Design' covers the history of UX, different roles within UX, where UX sits within an organisation, UX maturity of organisations, UX job market and salaries.


"Thank you so much for your presentation in the Ironhack online workshop. It was so inspiring. :)" "I wanted to connect to say hi and thank you for a wonderful presentation." "I really enjoyed your talk yesterday evening - it was really insightful!"

Usability & User Experience Book

Text book with UX basics for exam preparation.

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Emotions of Online Shopping

A Usability Study of Online Stores Using EEG Measurements.

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Personas - Who Owns them?

Why do we need personas? Who is using them? How do we create them?

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